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KSL Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd started in operation since last June. KSL is operating tours, limo counters, and provide other tour consultation and services at three established hotels in Georgetown, namely Red Rock Hotel, G Inn Hotell and Grand Inn Hotel. KSL is fully registered under the Tourism Malaysia with KPL license. Two fully licensed tour guides are employed as fulltime tour consultants and run tour operations in collaboration with other establised transport service providers from time to time.

The operation of tour services under such circumstance is very ineffective, especially to provide quality tour services, where transporting tourists from destination to destination on the road plays a very important role. At present, the company has very limited control over the service provided, including the quality of the drivers and the vehicles by other collaborators. KSL has very limited means to monitor the activities while they are on the road. This has significantly impacted the services to their tourists especially in terms of safety on the road. KSL is very much committed to provide the safest possible services especially while transporting their clients on the road.

With such, KSL must have full control and able to monitor their tour services including transporting tourists on the road. KSL is committed to take up the challenge in operating their own ground transport so that the safety of their clients on the road is being assured. We strongly believe KSL is capable to operate their ground transport if given the appropriate opportunity.

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We provide Limousine Services

Airport/hotel/hospital transfer Reasonable Fees

Mini Coach - 10 persons
Executive Coach - 28 persons

Leisure Tour - Day/ Evening/ Round island/ to other States (with/ without tour guide) English Speaker Driver
Customised Tour Plan Mandarin Speaker Driver
Individual / Group Tour Licensed Tour Guide